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From The Backcover:
Inside The Done Deal You’ll Find…

Why we don’t need to manage our
current finances first, so that we can
have more money.

Understanding Pure Thoughtforms as
they Relate to Human Thought
forms and how it affects the speed
and quality of manifestation.

Why Having All That We Desire
Fulfilled, is much easier than all that
we currently understand.

Higher Understanding says: You can
have whatever you want. All you
need to do it to walk into the Ice
Cream Store Of Life.

How do we go about collecting
desire fulfillment in the easiest way?

Getting Our Bills Paid using The
Wild Bill Wall.

Pure Higher Focus is different than
Usual Focus.

Having The Golden Goose Energy.

Getting Out of The How-To Loop,
and Getting Into Done Deal Speed

Creating Thought Fusion for Faster

Why the Excitement Leaves AFTER
We Have Gotten What We Want
(And how to use this for desire

We CAN Put the cart before the
horse and get what we want.

How to take off the top of the bottle
holding The Genie.

The Paradox has Become Undone
via The Done Deal.

Using The Done Deal for desire
fulfillment is like using Miracle Grow
for plants.

How to Enter The Gulf Stream of
Manifestation and What It Looks

The UnderBelly of Manifestation
(For the Analytical Among Us)

“Susan James is The Martha Stewart
of Manifestation Methods”
(Hank Ramsan, The Millionaire

(End BackCover Notes)

The Done Deal: Prep and Degreaser
(by Susan James)

When you have some ‘alone time’…

The Done Deal: The Prep Stage

Write the answer to this out…write it ALL will probably be pages and pages.
(Type or longhand, which ever you are
drawn to do.) (I’m using 2 usual examples.
Do which ever one of them which may apply
to you, and that which feels most ‘correct’ to
do now.)

(Write This At The Top Of The Page)

What would it be like if I woke up one
morning and noticed all my symptoms were
gone, and my doctor was amazed; what
would it mean to my life and what would
my life be and feel like?

What would it be like if my Plan A for my
life/lifestyle showed up tomorrow, what
would it mean to me and what would it
look and feel like?

If you are willing to sit and do the above
then….next….This is what you might
consider doing for the most benefit.

A. Read it outloud at least 3x as soon as
you’ve totally finished writing it. (Note: as
you do this, it may bring up ‘more’ lower
thoughts. Notice what they are and jot them
down, so that you can come back later and
write about those thoughts, so that you
expand beyond them.)

B. Fine tune the whole thing down to a 25
word statement of how your life IS (as you
choose it)

C. In your mind/imagination, come up with
a Done Deal picture of something which
represents your 25 word statement.
(Example: you smiling as you are hearing
your doctor tell you how amazed he is.)

Then Daily:
A. Read your 25 word statement 3x outloud
in the morning.
B. At least once during the day, bring up
your Done Deal Image in your mind. The
more the better.

The De-Greaser Stage:The Done Deal:

As you do this, this may happen:
Things and people show up contradictory to
your done deal (resistance). And you usually
just keep those thoughts to yourself…but
that’s the main thing that keeps us stuck in a

We need to surface and acknowledge
‘what we are thinking’ when those lower
thoughts show up. We don’t need to do
anything about them, just ‘write them out of
our heads’… The moment we do that, we
have expanded and events and circum-
stances move and change.

The reason to tell no one about this, is that
in the beginning stages of learning how
things really work, other peoples beliefs-
feelings/judgements bleed over into our
space and sort of contaminate it. We don’t
want that, of course, as it adds more
resistance and more linear time and events.

Question: What ‘difference’ will doing
something like this mean to my life?
Answer: Absolutely Everything

If you are like me and enjoy wanting to
understand why and how things really work
behind the scenes and why The Prep
and Degreaser make a huge difference; then
you’ll have to read……..the soon to be
published……The Done Deal Book.

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